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The Trusted Choice for Residential Homes, Medical Offices, Manufacturing Facilities, Restaurants, Government Buildings, Schools and more...

Kenny Mac Care provides expert professional cleaning whether you are a home owner, small business, a large national corporation or a government agency, Kenny Mac Care provides your home or facility with expert services. Our commercial cleaning services include scheduled office cleaning, building maintenance, floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, exterior cleaning. Our Lawn Care and Landscaping services include mowing thru yard cleanup, and everything in between. Additionally, we also provide one-time cleaning services under both normal and emergency circumstances for locations such as construction sites and post disaster cleanup. We carry General Liability insurance, Disability insurance and Workman Compensation coverage. This is to protect you against damaged property or injury to person while our staff is on your property performing cleaning services.

Why Choose Kenny Mac Care for Professional Property Cleaning Services?

We know that you have many choices for professional lawn care and cleaning services. Seems today, that anyone with a lawnmower, rag and bucket can call themselves a professional. However, there is much more to thorough professional home maintenance cleaning than meets the eye. When our crews arrive at your home or business, you can expect that each one comes trained in the most efficient techniques available and come equipped with the proper materials and equipment to cleanup any type of environment and situation. 

Kenny Mac Care is different. We clean using green cleaning techniques that first and foremost are focused on a healthy environment. This means we use supplies such as microfiber cloths, green cleaning chemicals and materials that not only clean surfaces but clean the environment. So if you need professional cleaning and property maintenance done the right way, contact Kenny Mac Care for all your residential and commercial cleaning maintenance needs.

We service the following States:
Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, DC, New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.
Call us at 513-484-5276 for all of your Professional Lawn, Landscape and Cleaning needs!